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SCopEd project is causing so much divisiveness

I am disappointed to see how the SCopEd project is causing so much divisiveness within our therapeutic community. Many therapists have huge concerns about SCoPEd. They voiced those concerns several years ago. As often happens, the membership bodies had already decided they will implement SCopEd. They weren’t prepared to incorporate changes based on membership concern. 

SCopEd project – Lack of transparency

Whilst many criteria were openly discussed, I don’t feel it was ever made transparent that accreditation status would be the single criterion determining which column we would each be assigned. Very early on in the SCoPEd process I could see that my personal situation would leave me somewhere between Columns B and C. I anticipated the requirement to do some additional work should I wish to be considered for Column C.

What was never made clear was that those of us with Senior Accreditation status would have that award revoked should we decide not to apply for Column C status or not be eligible for it. This feels, to me, more underhand. One could argue that is because it affects me personally, but I would feel this for anyone impacted. I am eligible to apply for Column C status as soon as the application process opens. Some are not and I feel for these folk too. In a situation where their senior status is revoked, how will they communicate this? Particularly without looking like they are being punished for something they have not done?

Taking frustration out on others

I feel more disappointed and disheartened to see on social media the attack on BACP Senior Accredited members for voicing their discomfort/frustration with having to apply for Column C status (should they be eligible) or face the removal of their Senior status. 

It feels dangerous and unhelpful to me to attack all members of any group wholesale. The therapists at the heart of the attacks don’t know what many of us have attempted to do behind the scenes to affect change. Nor do they know what many of us have done to support those assigned a different category. Inevitably non-accredited members, accredited members and senior accredited members will all have specific needs during the process. Current Senior accredited members will each have to determine whether they are eligible now or in future rounds to apply for Column C status. We will then need to make an individual decision about whether we go ahead with the application or not. Each of us will have different reasons for reaching our decision. 

Working together

The SCopEd project is causing so much divisiveness. I am left wondering, can we find a way to talk about our specific needs? How we can help each other without taking lumps out of one another on social media? Does everyone have to feel the same about it for us to find a way forward? Do we have the resilience to have open dialogue?