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You may be interested in learning more about counselling, psychotherapy and clinical supervision. By listening to a podcast you are giving your brain and your eyes a much-needed rest. With your eyes closed you can let your other sense take over and let your imagination wander. It uses minimal energy but your brain is more active than reading a book or watching TV. You may b neurodivergent and need to listen to something whilst completing a separate actively.

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Luan Baines-Ball and Dr Mish: we met in our therapy training and have been cheerleaders for each others careers ever since. We decided to have a wide discussion about ‘good’ supervision, it’s a great episode. Enjoy!

Dr Mish talks with Luan Baines-Ball about their journey with resilience. Dr Mish invites Luan to think about how they build, develop and maintain their resilience. Luan reflects on: their Why Pronouns Matter article, the resilience bank, paper cuts. We end with the Luan’s 5 top tips for maintaining their resilience.

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