Our team of associates have all completed at least additional level diversity training in-house.

Therapists can be contacted directly or via Luan Baines-Ball.

Practice Manager:
Luan Baines-Ball MBACP (Snr Accred)

Luan Baines-Ball Counselling and psychotherapy
Luan has short light brown hair and is wearing blue glasses and a navy red white check shirt

Luan (pronunciation: rhymes with Ewan) established the practice in 2008, following a background in Medical Communications. They work with individuals (16+), and couples+, and cover a range of difficulties. Luan has particular interests in the impact of early separation on adult relationships and working with people who identify as gender, sexual and/or relationship diverse. They also provide clinical supervision to trainee, newly qualified and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists and also provide consultancy services for people working with GSRD/LGBTQ+ clients. Luan is a Registered and Senior Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). Counselling sessions can be held face-face at the Leicester practice, by phone or online.

Availability: Monday – Thursday
Fees: Individuals £75 / Couples £90 / Clinical Supervision: Individual £75, Group £100 / Consultancy £75 (all fees negotiable)
Services: Counselling, Psychotherapy (psychodynamic/integrative), Consultancy, Clinical Supervision
Location: Leicester city
Room: Ground Floor (Room 1)
Format: Face-to-face, VSee, Zoom, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Phone
Phone: 07581 793 223

Senior Associate Therapist: Dr Mish Seabrook MBACP (Accred)

Senior Associate Mish Seabrook has long dark hair and is wearing black glasses, a white top with black dots under a red jacket

Dr Mish, is dual trained as a psychotherapist and a business & life coach, she also offers supervision, training and consultancy. If you want to change your corner of the world, Dr Mish offers 25+ years of helping others; through a warm and good humoured, yet challenging style, she will work with you to create a bespoke, collaborative approach to help you address your needs.  Therapy – Therapy is often attended at regular intervals, via weekly or fortnightly appointments. She’ll bring her vast experience and therapeutic skills and aim to help you to tackle whatever you are facing. Dr mish can help with issues around stress management and burnout. More details…

Availability: Monday afternoon and evening
Fees: contact Dr Mish directly
Services: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision, Coaching
Location: Leicester city, Kibworth
Room: Ground Floor (Room 2)
Format: in-person, online
Phone: 07541 060 950

Associate Therapist: Sheereen Sidat MBACP

Associate Sheereen Siddat is wearing black glasses and a purple headscarf

Sheereen trained as a Humanistic and Integrative therapist at the Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute. She has experience working with a range of issues, most recently working with adults who have/had cancer and those who have lost family or friends to cancer.  She is passionate about providing a safe and non-judgemental environment to be heard and to explore your thoughts and feelings. Sheereen works with individuals of any gender, sexual or relationship identity. Sheereen is a registered member of BACP.

Availability: Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon, Thursday evening, Friday afternoon, Friday evening
Fees: Individuals £50 (negotiable)/ Supervision £50
Services: Counselling, Psychotherapy, Supervision
Location: Leicester city
Room: Ground Floor (Room 2), First floor (Room 3)
Format: Face-to-face, Zoom, Phone
Phone: 07564 699 589

Associate Therapist: Tina Williams MUKCP

Associate Tina Williams has short light hair and is wearing a white top and sun glasses on the top of her head

Tina is an experienced Integrative Psychotherapist registered with UKCP since 2002. She has worked in a variety of settings including Head of Counselling at Leicester University and, for the last 10 years, as CEO of a specialist counselling service. Tina is also a trainer at Masters level and a qualified supervisor working to both UKCP and BACP ethics. Tina offers short term and long term therapy to individuals and works with a wide range of issues. Her approach is relational and person centred using an understanding of how our upbringing can impact us lifelong. Tina also offers supervision to individuals and groups for both trainees and qualified therapists

Availability: Friday morning, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon
Fees: Individuals £55 (concessions available)
Services: Counselling, psychotherapy, Clinical Supervision
Location: Leicester city
Room: Ground Floor (Room 2)
Format: Face-to-face, Zoom, Phone
Phone:  07902 543 192

Associate Therapist: Brunhild Abrahams MBACP

Associate Brunhild Abrahams has black curly hair and is wearing a white and black t-shirt

Brunhild is a qualified Integrative Counsellor and is a member of BACP. She has a friendly and trustworthy personality with experience in working with clients with a wide range of issues, including depression, anxiety, bereavement and problems arising from childhood. Brunhild works with those who identify as Gender, Sexuality and/or Relationship diverse and has a keen interest in all areas of diversity. She offers short-term and long-term therapy and together, with you leading the session and her guidance in a compassionate, empathic, non-judgemental and challenging environment, you would be given an opportunity to re-discover your true-self. Through the counselling process you can develop and gain understanding of your thought processes and with ‘counselling tools’ learn how to deal with similar issues in future.

Availability: Tuesday morning and early afternoon; Friday morning
Fees: Individuals £45
Services: Counselling, Psychotherapy (psychodynamic/integrative)
Location: Leicester city
Room: First Floor (Room 4), Ground floor (Room 6)
Format: Face-to-face, VSee, Facetime, Zoom
Phone:  07810 412 655

Associate Therapist: Sharon Bennett MBACP

Associate Sharon Bennett has short brown hair and is wearing a navy top

Sharon is an experienced therapeutic counsellor, practicing since 2012.  Having worked within Higher Education, the recovery field, and with charities specialising in gender & sexual diversity and with trauma, she is comfortable working with a disparate range of issues, sensitively, compassionately and ethically. She offers both open-ended or shorter, more focused therapy to individuals over 18 and believes that working collaboratively to explore life’s experiences can be illuminating, beneficial to healing and aid positive life changes.

Availability: Tuesday evening
Fees: Individuals £45
Services: Counselling
Location: Leicester city
Room: First Floor (Room 4)
Format: Face-to-face, Zoom
Phone:  07746 745 611

Associate Therapist: Will Davies MBACP (Accred)

Associate Will Davies Counselling Psychotherapy
Will has short grey hair and is wearing a grey shirt

Will is a registered and accredited member of BACP, delivering professional counselling to adults of all ages. He has experience of working with issues such as depression, anxiety, low mood, low self-esteem, relationship and workplace difficulties, grief and unresolved childhood issues. In addition to his private practice, Will has provided counselling in higher education, emergency service and voluntary settings. His qualification, gained from the University of Leicester, is in Integrative Counselling. Will is committed to helping clients find a way to overcome their problems and move forward with their lives. He works with individuals of any gender, sexual or relationship identity. Will is currently studying for a Master’s degree in Psychological Well-Being and has just completed the first year (PG Certificate). He is also a recognised member of the BUPA therapist network.

Availability: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
Fees: Individuals £60
Services: Counselling, Psychotherapy
Location: Leicester city
Room: Second Floor (Room 5), Ground Floor (Room 6)
Format: Face-to-face, Zoom and Phone
Phone: 07748 843 826

Associate Therapist: Paula Fowle MBACP (Accred)

Paula Fowle wearing a red and white dress

Paula is an experienced person centred therapist registered and accredited with the BACP. Working with adults and young people (16+) Paula is keen to support individuals or families who have received news of a life limiting illness diagnosis or those who are struggling to find a way forward following a bereavement. Paula has experience of working in the voluntary sector both in cancer care and bereavement settings in particular supporting families following a baby loss.  She is keen to offer support in an empathic and person-centred way giving space and time to explore feelings and thoughts. Paula is also a qualified supervisor and is looking to offer supervision to trainee counsellors and other professionals, along with employers who offer supervision as part of the support package for their staff. More details…

Availability: Monday morning, afternoon, evening, Wednesday morning, afternoon, evening and Thursday morning, afternoon, evening.
Fees: Individuals £40-£50 (negotiable) Couples £60 Supervision £40 p/h
Services: Counselling, supervision
Location: Countesthorpe
Room: Garden based therapy room with disabled access and off-street parking.
Format: Face-to-Face, zoom, telephone
Phone: 0776 0840 009

Associate Therapist: Netifnet Arthur-Hawkes MBACP

Netifnet prefers not to publish their profile and photo but more details can be found here.

Availability: Monday evening, Friday afternoon and evening
Fees: Individuals £40
Services: Counselling,
Location: Leicester city
Room: Ground Floor (Room 6)
Format: Face-to-face, Zoom and Phone
Phone: 07444 001 625

Associate Therapist: Insiya Maimoon MBACP

Insiya Miamoon

Insiya is an integrative counsellor and psychotherapist. She aims first and foremost in providing individuals with a safe, open, and non-judgemental space to explore what has brought them to therapy. Insiya has experience in a variety of environments including mental health services, workplace counselling, and private practice settings working with clients experiencing a range of issues. She uses a combination of theoretical approaches to match your personal goals and needs. Insiya believes therapy can increase self-awareness as well as facilitate an environment for growth and change. She works from a culturally informed lens and is committed to offering a service to individuals from all backgrounds. It is vital for her that clients feel comfortable and respected within their therapeutic journey. Insiya is a registered member of the BACP.

Availability: Tuesday mornings
Fees: Individuals £50
Services: Counselling, psychotherapy
Location: Leicester city
Room: Second Floor (Room 5)
Format: Face-to-face, Zoom and Phone
Phone: 07572991754

Ravi Chauhan

Ravi is an Integrative therapist who offers compassionate and empathic support to individuals and couples within a collaborative, safe and non-judgmental space. He recognises that we are all unique individuals and creatively combines concepts and theories to meet and match your specific concerns and difficulties. Ravi believes in the significance of our childhood experiences and relationships, recognising their profound impact on our adult lives. He believes that exploring our past can help us understand our present-day circumstances and overcome the challenges and difficulties that limit our daily lives. Ravi has experience working with anxiety, depression, bereavement, trauma, abuse, shame, guilt and suicidal ideation. He works with individuals of any gender, sexual or relationship identity.

Availability: Thursday evenings
Fees: Individuals £50/Couples £75 per session negotiable
Services: Counselling/Psychotherapy
Location: Leicester
Room: Ground Floor (Room 6)
Format: Face-to-face, VSee, Zoom, Phone
Phone: 07359 792879

Intern Associates:
Vacancy – if you would like to be considered for this post please get in touch. You will need a minimum of 50 supervised clinical hours. Please note we do not offer initial placements.

​Practice Ethos
Whilst maintaining our individuality and autonomy we work as a team; our core values are: honesty, integrity, openness, collaboration, support and respect. Clients’ needs are at the heart of our work. 

Would you like more information about becoming an associate? Would you like to make use of our counselling therapy room for hire? Please contact We will invite you to complete a short form and then also arrange to meet for an informal interview.

We would certainly consider welcoming to the team someone who meets any of the following:

  • has experience of working with couples/relationships
  • identifies as LGBTQI+ / GSRD
  • identifies as/has knowledge of working with disability
  • has experience of working with attachment difficulties related to early separation
  • has experience of providing supervision to individuals and/or groups
  • can work psychodynamically 
  • has experience of working with children and young people


We work closely with our partner practice:

Baines-Ball & Associates: Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Supervision in LeicesterLeicestershire and online