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Time to celebrate

How can it be 10 years since we moved into our Leicester premises?

Time to celebrate

It’s time to celebrate! We reached our 10 year anniversary back in August but we waited until now so more of us could get together in person. It was great to see people. For some of the team it was the first time we had ever met face-to-face and for others it was 18 months since we last shared a physical space. It was lovely to get to know each other better. We were remined of what  can be missed in face-to-face interactions.

Safe Place

During our time to celebrate we discussed what it means to be part of a busy and established psychotherapy practice. One stand-out from the morning was that collectively we create a safe place not only for our clients but also ourselves. Being our authentic selves helps us to provide better therapy for our clients. I realise I am biased, but it is a lovely building; each room has its own mood. We feel custodians of this grade II listed building and whilst it is in our care we will nurture both it and its occupants.

It has been a blessing to see the practice grow over the years and to experience the differences that each person contributes. We have been blessed by several people really putting down roots and establishing their therapeutic ‘home’. We’ve been through a lot together and shared our knowledge and passion for safe, transparent and ethical practice. It’s become the community we hoped it would.

When the pandemic arrived, we, like many, were unsure as to the impact it would have on our business. Together we have not only survived but become stronger and more self-aware therapists which, in turn, can make us better therapists.

To my team: you are all wonderfully and uniquely you. I really value what we have achieved together.

To my cheerleaders: a heart-felt “thank you” for your support and belief in me.