Workshops & Training

I provide Leicester-based and online workshops and seminars on difference and diversity issues, particularly gender and sexual diversity, for a wide range of people but predominantly for those on counselling and psychotherapy training courses and CPD events.

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I also provide mentoring for students on counselling and psychotherapy training courses.

Contact or call 07581 793 223 for further details and to discuss your requirements.

Workshop feedback:

“Thoroughly thought-provoking” (anonymous participant; 2015”) 

“Best workshop in ages” (anonymous participant; 2015) 

“Am sure it will inform my future work” (anonymous participant; 2015) 

“Really opened my eyes” (anonymous participant; 2015) 

“It certainly made me realise to look at my own attitudes towards LGBTQI issues” (anonymous participant; 2017) 

“The atmosphere was relaxed so people could ask questions to clarify their understanding” (anonymous participant; 2017) 

“Clearly the presenter knew her facts” (anonymous participant; 2017) 

“I learned that heterosexual privilege is insidious…it affects all our institutions” (anonymous participant; 2017) 

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